Monday, November 10, 2008

Can You Believe This?

It was reported that a Stonington, Conn. police officer "dumped a person he believed had mental illness on the streets of New London". The officer reported that it did not matter where in New London he left the man because he was "crazy" and we don't need him in Stonington.

That is wrong in so many different ways. As a matter of fact you can run into people with mental illness every day and not even know it. What would have happened if the police officer dropped off someone suffering from a heart ailment? What is the difference, both diseases are biologically based?

Things like this still happen because the stigmas are socially accepted views of the mentally ill.

How backwards is that especially compared to the new positive trend called; crisis intervention teams where they train police officers to deal with mental illness calls.

Lets work for the better and fight the ignorance of views similar to the one held by that Stonington police officer.