Monday, November 14, 2011

A Sad Remark

One of the saddest remarks I ever heard was from a mother of a person with mental illness.  This woman belonged to an organization that was planning a picnic for its members.  The woman stated "I am with him all day I don't want to go to a picnic with him".

I have a mental illness would she want to go to a picnic with me, probably not.  I wonder does she not want to be around others with a mental illness?  I would think it would be good to go there, she would meet others struggling with the same issues.

 Believe me, I can understand the stress of being a caretaker I have a daughter with a mental illness and a son who has traumatic brain injury. 

Was her decision based on what type of illness her son has?  We will never know but if someone said that about me it would break my heart.